“They are worth every penny and I can't recommend them too highly.”

Paul Johnston

“I would not have achieved the success I did.”

Donal Macintyre

(ITV’s Dancing on Ice runner up)

“Tessa has given me an individual exercise program which has substantially enhanced my recovery.”

Marian Wigley

“For me he is the body whisperer.”

Dr Adrian Cree

“Johnny Kennett and Nikki Heaton have a unique combination of skills and expertise.”

Deb Russell

(Editorial Director, Medicine)

“..the work John has done with me has been incredible. He has my eternal thanks!”

Claire Hoffman

“And my words the guy’s good at his job.”

Nicky Slater

(Olympian and ITV’s DOI judge)

“...his skilled eye and great knowledge of the workings of the body have been invaluable.”

Barry Wordsworth

(Music Director, Royal Ballet)

“... it is clear that they want you to get the best for you and your body.”

Margaret Harley

“...in amongst all the serious stuff, phew! A sense of humour.”

Elise Valmorbida

(Communications consultant)

You do not have to pay any joining fee, nor any monthly or yearly fee. Payment is strictly as-you-go

The online booking system and phone app show all availability for all session types

Sessions bought are valid for 12 months from activation date

If it is you first time with us here at Teddington Pialtes Studio, even if you have done Pilates before and for many years, you will still need to book a 1st Pilates Visit session before you can attend Studio Sessions: During this 1st Pilates Visit we carry out a detailed postural adssessment, which may incule muscle firing pattern assesment, and  along with completing a detail consultation form about accidents, injuries, aches and pains, we will create a bespoke exercsie/ rehabilitation rountine for you.

1st Pilates Visit

          Postural assessment & initial session: £65 (discounted rate) taken as 1 to

        1 for all clients’ first session at Teddington Pilates.

Studio Pilates

          Single Studio Pilates session: £41

          10 Studio Pilates sessions: £380 (equivalent of £38 per session)

          20 Studio Pilates sessions: £720 (equivalent of £36 per session)

          30 Studio Pilates sessions: £1020 (equivalent of £34 per session)

Pair Pilates

          Single Pair Pilates session: £126 (£63 each) Two people per session


Private Pilates (Please contact the studio directly via phone or email)

          Single Private Pilates session: £135 (one person only in private session)


Please contact the studio directly via phone or email for sports therapy, performance coaching, television, theatre, film, corporate




          As a doctor myself, I admit I was initially sceptical about my neurologist's recommendation that I take up Pilates. I did not really believe that it could  significantly alleviate my condition: I have had MS for many years (now in the so-called 'secondary progressive stage') and had begun to experience increasing stiffness of my leg muscles and consequent difficulty with walking. 

          Nonetheless I followed the neurologist's advice and did take up Pilates. I have been taught by John Kennett once or twice a week and began to notice the benefits almost immediately.

          A year later my legs are much less stiff and their range of movement increased. As a result my walking is very much better as is my general confidence and sense of well-being. My initial pessimism has been completely overturned.

          I owe this to Johnny's patient and thoughtful explanations and encouragement. I was from the outset impressed by his detailed knowledge of the relevant anatomy, and the rational and patient way he demonstrates, explains and guides me through the Pilates exercises. 

          He is consistently considerate and takes into account the many  physical and psychological factors which can affect one's capacities at any one time. I always feel that Johnny's way of imparting his knowledge of Pilates is tailored to me as an individual. His serious enthusiasm for Pilates is contagious but has been tempered by much humour and shared laughter. For me, an important ingredient of the success of Pilates has been that it is so enjoyable.

          I warmly recommend Pilates, and Johnny's inspired teaching.

Dr David L.    London

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